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About Upgrader Business Solutions

Upgrader Business Solutions is premium solutions company offering world class services along with digital solutions and strategies. Recognizing that a vital aspect of selling a product or service in any business is to ensure a long lasting and atten­tion grabbing images which in turn inspire sales.  At Upgrader our unique styles of showcasing new and existing companies to the public in small or massive scale of digital marketing are interactive, insightful and cater to all audiences.

Our digital difference, a full service marketing agency inspiring the digital footprint for the fourth industrial revolution.  Relating modern and digital marketing through our futuristic marketing techniques.

Upgrader Business Solutions is the futuristic, present, and relevant approach to helping brands and businesses expand their reach and market worldwide, taking a brand from start to finish and bringing awareness in the most organic form.


Why Choose Upgrader Business Solutions

Countless benefits apart from having solutions that will fit any budget and offering a comprehensive digital service.

Always on Support

Given the nature of our business, majority of the time we are available 24/7 to give advice, provide support and to undertake the services our clients’require.

Personalised Services

At Upgrader, you are regarded as an individual and not classified as numbers.  You will receive a personalised service aligned with your company’s goals.  Always!

Comprehensive Services

Although we only advertise certain services, we are capable of providing all services related to Business Development.  From CIPC registrations to day to day tasks of all aspects of your business.


When it comes to success, directors Ulandi & Farai both agree that they don’t dream of success, but rather work for it and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure their success.  The company was founded by Ulandi Bekker, in February 2021, and Farai joined the team in October 2021. Both bringing something unique to the table, that contributes to the success of their company.

The pair does everything required to make each day a success, even if it means emptying the trash cans.  The average day is 18 hours long, and to them, it is not regarding as working, but rather doing what they love!

Ulandi Bekker
Ulandi Bekker
Farai Jones
Farai Jones


Our Vission is to take the African digital marketing and advertising to the next frontier of Digital Evolution.

Our Mission is to maintain consistency in all aspects that we undertake, to understand the trends that impact the digital marketing industry, and to develop strategic insight to our clients businesses.